Monday, 10 August 2020
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Recent involvements have included The UKCA Community Nationals where three of my Eastlands Stars teams competed.  The teams did fantastic with the icing on the cake being the excellent 6th place secured by the Senior Cheer team.

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Alan Massey's Official Website:

This site, like most of the other websites featured on the web-links page, has been built, designed and edited from the basic template up by myself. Wherever possible I have used my own images and icons or alternatively I have sought the permission of the original creator as I don't approve of stealing other peoples work.

This site is designed to give the visitor a little in-site into my world and to show you what I am about. Within this site you will find links to resources around the Internet covering a wide range of subject including: IT, computing, computer maintenance and web design. You will also find links and information regarding projects I support, or have been personally involved in.

Over the years I have achieved quite a lot (on some occasions by struggling along and others by being pure bloody minded and not giving in) becoming knowledgeable in many different areas in the process. I have appreciated every single bit of help I have received along the way and would like to thank all those people who have given me help and advice.

As a result I am happy to help others so if you feel the need then by all means email me.

You will soon realise that I have been involved in several different projects including but not limited to; local government, community organisations, the sport & fitness industry, local businesses and charities not to mention a number of community groups and clubs.

My interests have been varied and have covered almost anything from Snooker to children's allotments, a community orchard, residents associations, parks organisations, cheerleading, urbanathlon, football clubs, run4fun, computers, streetcheer, IT, website building and development and golf.

Finally, I hope you find I still have a sense of humour and also that you enjoy my website.

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