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Latest projects: I am currently involved with the Manchester Urbanathlon which is taking place on July 13th 2008 in East Manchester.  I am also bidding for funding for The Eastlands Stars along with raising money for a local Junior football team.

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Volunteering is a double edged sword. 

On the one hand you can get a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of achievement from volunteering but on the other hand volunteering can often be unrewarding.  It's amazing how many people will beg you to volunteer for them and then have you work you heart out only to completly ignore you after the fact and in some instances they even forget to thank you for your efforts.

If you are volunteering in an effort to earn praise or hoping to make a bit of money on the side then you are going to be sorely disappointed.  If like me you just do it for your own peace of mind and just because it makes you feel good then your in the right place.

When it comes to praise and the handling of volunteers you would expect the larger more established organisations would know how to get it right, not so.  Often it is the larger organisations who get it horribly wrong, and speaking from experience the largest organisation I have personally been involved with treated it's volunteers no more than an ancililary workforce, dragging volunteers in at the last minute and then expecting them to take up the slack in the workforce, often allocated them jobs and roles beyond their capeabilities.

Initially it's a good feeling for the volunteer as they are elevated to a position of importance and get to mingle with middle and upper management but the minute something goes wrong guess who's getting the blame?

And God forbid anything was to go seriously wrong!  I was always told "don't worry if anything happens it will be the organisation who are held accountable" "and we will always have your back".

This is totally Not true: If anything goes wrong you will be held responsible not the organisation and as for "we have got your back" - Well after a difference of opinion they threw me out and now don't even return phone calls so it is most unlikely that they would have "got my bacK" should something have gone wrong.

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