Friday, 28 February 2020
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Recent involvements have included The UKCA Community Nationals where three of my Eastlands Stars teams competed.  The teams did fantastic with the icing on the cake being the excellent 6th place secured by the Senior Cheer team.

Volunteering - What will I get paid ? PDF Print E-mail

Put simply, how long is a piece of string.

I personally never take payment for volunteering (or anything else for that matter) but that is because I receive benefit.  Now before several of you start emailing me to tell me about the various limits allowed under the benefit rules, I am already aware of these limits.

The reason I choose not to take money is because I think it to be to some extent unethical and in addition the reporting rules mean that it is very difficult, if not almost impossible to receive payment and conform to the restrictions of the benefit system without exposing yourself to the danger of overstepping the line and inadvertently getting into trouble.  Lastly there is the element of doubt and jealousy that inevitably surrounds expenses and voluntary payments.

If you are going to claim expenses etc. then please note the following:

  • If you choose to receive expenses or other forms of payment then I suggest you check out your rights with your local benefits office. 
  • Any form of gift counts as payment (This includes items such as; food, a free tee shirt, free tickets to a show).
  • It doesn't matter what the money is for, whether it be food or to replace a damaged item of clothing, it still counts as payment.
  • You normally cannot receive more than £5 per week as expenses whilst claiming benefit (unless the work is classed as therapeutic and likely to aid your rehabilitation - but this needs to be confirmed by a doctors letter prior to commencing the work).
  • You must inform the benefits agency in advance, in writing, before receiving any payment.
  • There is no grey area, if you are in any doubt whether you can legally receive a payment then contact your local benefits office and seek advice.
  • Never sign any form of contract for voluntary work whilst on benefit - It is a condition of benefit rules that you are always available for work and that you do not work whilst claiming benefit, by signing any contract you have broken these rules (even if the contact is for voluntary work).

In my case I found the easiest way out was never to claim any form of payment ! 

Just as a matter of interest you must inform the benefits office in writing in advance if you intend to do any form of voluntary work (paid or unpaid)  If you do the work and then inform them you have already broken the law and strangely enough by informing them you give the advisor no other alternative other than to report you for working without permission. 

In such case the benefit is automatically suspended pending investigation, so use your head and clear it with them first, (or don't tell them you were doing it previously)

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