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Latest projects: I am currently involved with the Manchester Urbanathlon which is taking place on July 13th 2008 in East Manchester.  I am also bidding for funding for The Eastlands Stars along with raising money for a local Junior football team.

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Again this can depend but as a general rule the organisation you volunteer for will usually attempt to match your talents to their own needs.  If you have any particular talents then point them out as they may be helpful and aid the person in charge when handing out tasks.

Don't over expect, most voluntary work is not glamorous and often involves jobs such as marshalling, operating equipment, car park attendant or menial tasks such as moving scenery or giving information to visitors.  Whilst such jobs might not test your abilities to their limits they can often be a lot of fun and lead to you meeting lots of different people.

Try not to overwork your part - you are a volunteer and the organisation that took you on is responsible for your actions.  If you step out of line, insult people, or carry out some activity considered dangerous you are still accountable and the organisation that took you on will still have to discipline you in the same way as they would a full time employee.

Don't take on responsibilities beyond your pay grade (in other words don't try to make decisions beyond your capabilities, report to your supervisor, section head or manager and let them deal with it)  It's unfortunate but many volunteers try to act more important than their role dictates which often results in them making hasty decisions without knowledge of the consequences.  In such instances if an incident were to take place such as an injury or death, then you could find yourself in court on very serious charges!

Lastly, do the job to the best of your ability but still try to enjoy your role.

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