Friday, 28 February 2020
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Recent involvements have included The UKCA Community Nationals where three of my Eastlands Stars teams competed.  The teams did fantastic with the icing on the cake being the excellent 6th place secured by the Senior Cheer team.

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Theory and brief outline of my ethos

What are my roots: My life began with a simple background and basic home-life. No fancy upbringing no well connected contacts and no friends in high places, from a working class family with a mother (Maureen) father (Anthony) and two brothers (Anthony and John.)
Ethos: I learned from a very early age that I had to fight for everything and that, only the fighters in life got anywhere. Well that's what I was led to believe, however my career as a fireman soon taught me that there was more to life than possession's and ego. I found that I really cared what others thought and also realised that I could alter or change that perception by my actions.
So who's the mug: Well probably me, but it doesn't really matter. It's my decision to help others and at the end of the day I go to sleep at night knowing that I have done some good in my lifetime. I know that may seem cheesy but if you try it yourself, yes actually try to do something for somebody else without expecting something in return, then you will understand what I am about.

Where did it get me ?

Basically nowhere: I still live amongst the lower classes still have very little and still don't have friends in high places. I do however have a fantastic wife (only she knows how she puts up with me) three great children and a lot of good friends. Oh and to be fair, I have developed a lot of connections in high places.

In Conclusion !

Recognition: If it was about recognition, fame, possessions or money then I didn't really achieve anything.  If it was about pride, passion, selflessness and a sense of achievement, then I achieved everything.

The difference is, some measure success purely by wealth, and possessions such as their car or house I measure my success by personal achievement, pride and an inner feeling of warmth that comes when you help others.

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