Sunday, 09 August 2020
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New projects:  I am currently in the middle of the rebuild of the United Kingdom Cheerleading Associations website and have just completed a web prescence for Streetgames.

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Theory and brief outline of my ethos

What are my roots: My life began with a simple background and basic home-life. No fancy upbringing no well connected contacts and no friends in high places, from a working class family with a mother (Maureen) father (Anthony) and two brothers (Anthony and John.)
Ethos: I learned from a very early age that I had to fight for everything and that, only the fighters in life got anywhere. Well that's what I was led to believe, however my career as a fireman soon taught me that there was more to life than possession's and ego. I found that I really cared what others thought and also realised that I could alter or change that perception by my actions.
So who's the mug: Well probably me, but it doesn't really matter. It's my decision to help others and at the end of the day I go to sleep at night knowing that I have done some good in my lifetime. I know that may seem cheesy but if you try it yourself, yes actually try to do something for somebody else without expecting something in return, then you will understand what I am about.

Where did it get me ?

Basically nowhere: I still live amongst the lower classes still have very little and still don't have friends in high places. I do however have a fantastic wife (only she knows how she puts up with me) three great children and a lot of good friends. Oh and to be fair, I have developed a lot of connections in high places.

In Conclusion !

Recognition: If it was about recognition, fame, possessions or money then I didn't really achieve anything.  If it was about pride, passion, selflessness and a sense of achievement, then I achieved everything.

The difference is, some measure success purely by wealth, and possessions such as their car or house I measure my success by personal achievement, pride and an inner feeling of warmth that comes when you help others.

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