Friday, 28 February 2020
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Recent involvements have included The UKCA Community Nationals where three of my Eastlands Stars teams competed.  The teams did fantastic with the icing on the cake being the excellent 6th place secured by the Senior Cheer team.

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Design and development ?

Basically after leaving the fire service I was at a loose end. During a discussion with my eldest brother Tony in 1995 the idea of computers and design was aired which seemed not a bad idea at the time as I had always considered myself artistic and the computer scene fascinated me.

Only one problem, I knew nothing about computers and I wasn't that good at art ! Thirteen years later after numerous college courses and endless nights trawling the Internet for answers I have now developed extensive knowledge in several disciplines.

I can build and edit in most web languages (admittedly some better than others) including HTM, HTML, JAVA, PHP, MAMBO, and my current favourite JOOMLA.

I am also reasonably fluent with Paint shop, Adobe, Corel and several other drawing packages which did at one time include CAD to level 3 but my talents have lapsed due to lack of practice.

After all this pouting, I am still mainly self taught and have always accepted that without the help of many other people (too many to list here) I would not have developed many of the skills that I now possess.  In addition being self taught does not necessarily mean that I am clever or good at what I do, it just means I have attained a level where I can get by.

So thanks to all those people out there that have helped me to develop and appologies for the various faults and shortcomings in my work.


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